Global Document Imaging - Shredding

One Time Shredding

Large Volume Shredding

Recurring Shredding



Shredding is priced by standard file box.

All documents are shredded at Tier 1 security


All shredding is recycled

GDI does not provide on-site shredding


Large Volume Shredding must meet a minimum of 20 standard size file boxes



Transportation of documents


Discounted rates for shredding that is dropped off


Recurring Shredding must have a weekly or monthly scheduled pickup




Transportation of documents


Discounted rates for recurring shredding that is dropped off




If Recurring Shredding also meets Large Volume prerequisites, additional discounts will apply


About Shredding



Identity theft is on the rise in the digital age. Only properly shredding all confidential documents can one be sure that important information is not used by others for identity theft or any other damaging affects.


For businesses, privacy legislation requires the ultimate destruction of confidential information. The information of customers and employees must be protected by law.


Going with Global Document Imaging's shredding services, will save you time and effort doing it in-house. Cost analysis show that outsourcing shredding actually is more cost effective due to equipment and labor.